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When you're working to spread the Word, the sky
is the limit.

Providing transportation for ministers, pastors and educators in conjunction with their non-profit work constitutes one of the most unique aspects of our support ministry.

Only those who have first-hand knowledge of what it takes to build a following for God can appreciate the inherent administrative and logistical challenges and, therefore, what a blessing easy access to air travel can be. Just as Pastor Altschul looked to the skies when accelerating the growth of his publishing business, our Aviation Ministry makes more trips so that more people can be reached, all in less time. For any one ministry, the maintenance, hangar fees and time involvement associated with airplane ownership would be altogether impractical. But with us, at the ready, those called to go forth and preach no longer have to feel like they're flying solo.

Today, this unshakable dedication and patience takes the shape of an aircraft suitable for short jaunts as well as international travel.

With 17,000 airports in the United States alone (not to mention European airports) that does not only open up the country - it opens up the continents for evangelism - click here to see range maps.

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