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Some "cars" come with "Global Positioning Systems", ...but what do "people" rely on to keep them on track?

No matter how connected or not, people need inspiration, encouragement, support and poignant reminders of Biblical truths. This is how the faithful recharge and re-commit. This is how the lost get found.
“Pastor Altschul is fatherly and very mature, his ministry is absolutely Christ-centered, humble and full of love, and it is a sovereign work of God - without music, worship team, pushing people and manipulation.  I rejoiced to see how he ministered to the individual people and how the Lord restored them."
(Senior Pastor Andreas Timm Christ Center Tostedt, Germany, Regional Manager of Federation Of Pentecostal Churches, Hamburg, Germany )

“Only a God-anointed man, who I believe has suffered greatly for the Lord, could have administered healing and deliverance so completely as Brother Bent did.  He ministered help and healing to all that came forward!”   

(Bishop Bobby Harps Believers Voice of Christ Church, Peachtree, Georgia, USA)

“Since we held the Evangelism & Healing Crusade with Pastor Altschul, we had to relocate our church to a larger property because we have tripled in size.  Mrs. Fidelia Martinez who was completely healed of stage four cancer in her womb; and her doctors could not find the cancer upon multiple tests and visits.  Also Mr. Rosalio Santilian had a tumor in his kidneys and an infection in his pancreas; but after his miracle healing his doctor couldn’t explain what happened, and the tumor was gone and the infection had disappeared, just to name a few.” 
(Pastor Raul Haro Carrillo, Christian Church of Tlaltenango, Jalisco, Mexico)


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