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"And He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God." Romans 8:27

Family trauma. Personal afflictions and addiction. The problems many troubled souls face have less to do with what is in their heads than what is in their hearts.

Many of us need to re-establish a direct connection between our heart and the Lord. We need to circumvent all those things that interfere with our human relationships, which is the easiest way to experience the divine presence in our lives. Often, our wounds have been accumulated over a lifetime, but by sharing our personal stories in an atmosphere of love and support, hearts begin to first open and then mend.

“I have been a preacher all my life, and my father, and my grandfather as well.  In my life I have never seen the power of the Holy Spirit administered as Pastor Altschul has done at our church.  This meeting was way over-the-top of my expectations."
(Pastor Ezekiel Agular of Gethsemane Apostolic Church, Corona, California, USA)

“Pastor Bent has Elijah’s Spirit. Jesus trusted Pastor Bent to go through a parent-less childhood and life, in order to guide people so they will not be parent-less spiritually.  The prophetic spirit in Pastor Bent stirs in us as he ministers.  Pastor Bent’s prayer lifted me up, and when he prayed for me I felt the presence of God healing me from my eyes all the way down to tingling in my feet.  Our meeting was unforgettable.” 

(Mary Ann Brown, founder and president of Mary Ann Brown Ministries, and serves as a national and international conference speaker, Dallas, Texas, USA)

“Pastor Bent’s heart needs to be on a platform for everybody to see.  I witnessed how he ministered to my Leadership Ministers Class, and I was overwhelmed with the warmth and how the Holy Spirit ministered to each participant’s needs.” 

(Pastor Carrey Conner of Christian Embassy Worship Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

“I witnessed a paralyzed man receive a restoration to his lifeless body as Pastor Bent prayed for him.  Pastor Bent told the man, “…to lift your arms up to thank and praise Jesus,” the man did it.  Without assistance, miraculously, the man stepped out of the car, stood straight up and raised his hands over his head and gave praises to God.  The man had been bound to a wheel chair for life, but now became so overjoyed that he began to jump and dance on the sidewalk and shout praises realizing what God had just done to him!”
(Bishop Alfredo Rodriguez,
Asamblea Apostolica Templo La Hermosa, California, USA)

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