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Jesus healed the sick. Jesus continues to heal the sick.

The Pastor teaches in his own unique way, and both the immediate and long-term benefits of experiencing his gifts first-hand have been reported as nothing less than amazing. From a spinal disc regeneration thought impossible by modern medicine to a ravenous cancer put into remission, Pastor Altschul is quick to give credit where credit is properly due.

Bringing people in close touch with the Lord, almost everyone who attends leaves feeling energized, enthused and excited.

“Miracles happen at his services.  In my 55 years of ministry, I have never seen a dialogue with the people and the Holy Spirit as in this type of ministry with Pastor Bent.”

(Rev. Gwyn Vaughn of Faith Christian Assembly, California and District Superintendent and International Director of Grace International Fellowship of Churches and Ministries, Seal Beach, California, USA)

“My wife asked Pastor Altschul to pray for me.  But his response to my wife was, “why don’t we heal you first?!”  She shouted as she felt tingling and heat in her fingers and the pain of arthritis from her prior car accident left her permanently.  She is a concert pianist, she can now plays the piano pain-free. 

I was behind her in my wheel chair, I shouted because I felt strength in my hands.  I looked down and saw a miracle take place in front of my eyes.  My fingers became straightened out, and I have strength in my hands again.  My hands had been wracked with carpal tunnel and arthritis.  They were gnarled and twisted.  I could not put my two fingers together.  They went off at almost a 45-degree angle.  The little fingers were twisted like branches on a tree.  My hands are now straight.  My hands have been healed.  This is nothing other than a God’s miracle of what occurred that night with Pastor Altschul.   I have seen my doctor and he said, “You and I both know God is the Healer – and he added, “…keep doing what you are doing.”

(Dr. Jeffrey Okuns, holder of 11 doctorates, special assistant to USA Presidential elite governmental team sustained injuries by falling from a helicopter while in military service, and Mrs. Rene Okuns, concert pianist for the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Van Nuys, California, USA)

“Pastor Emmanuel Mukwege’s wife. Lili, suffered for years from severe pain in her arm and shoulder, doctors took x-rays and told her only surgery was the solution.  However, after prayer with Pastor Altschul, Lili was instantly healed.  She cancelled her surgery and remains pain free ever since.”

(Pastor Emmanuel Mukwege of Eglise Protestante Peruwelz, Belgium)

“My life was taking a downward spiral and I was suicidal.  I had got to the point of purchasing a gun and I rented a hotel room where I planned to end my life.  God intervened through Pastor Altschul ministering to me.  He asked me to lift up my hands and take a deep breath, and he asked me to cough three times.  I did and the spirit of the Lord came all over me.  I felt a cleansing like a cool shower and I was totally delivered from my 15-year addition to marijuana and my life turned around for the better.”

(Mr. Kenon Slavley, Peachtree Healing Conference, Peachtree, Georgia, USA)

“Pastor Bent prayed for me, laid hands on me and said only, “that’s all.”  I was expecting something like some shaking power in my body or to feel something, but nothing came.  Then in the evening I took a shower and when I looked in the mirror the inequality of my pelvis was gone.  I started to turn myself in front of the mirror from all sides.  I put on a pair of jeans, a skirt and then I examined my waist which was always askew, but everything was equal and symmetrical.  Later I went to my physiotherapist, and she said the scoliosis is gone.  I went to my doctor then who said the same thing. Thanks to Pastor Bent for serving God on behalf of His people, thanks goes to Jesus Christ for His healing power.” 

(Mrs. Michaela Spivalova, Pastor Ales-Navratil, Protestant Church of Olomouc, Olomouc, Czech Republic)

“My husband suffered a stroke which left his right side paralyzed several years ago, but after Pastor Altschul lead a prayer with the entire congregation outstretching their arms toward my husband James, I saw my husband lift his leg.  I shouted for joy, then Pastor Altschul motioned for James to come to the front, and to our shock and amazement, James leaped out of his wheel chair and began walking and talking!  Thanks to God to give me back my husband!”

(Mrs. James Gravely, Greater Israelite Christian Center, National City, California, USA)
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