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Pastors need rejuvenation, too. Our spiritual and material strength includes providing help for the helpful. And hope for the hopeful.

Anything repeated over and over again can become monotonous. And when you think of the energy required for speaking, teaching, counseling and motivating, the tasks sometimes seem overwhelming.

In addition to the airplane, of which the primary purpose is to make spreading the Word more comprehensive and more effective and efficient, our support to pastors and their churches includes inspiration, camaraderie, encouragement and mentorships. Whether sharing resources, partnering in Bible conferences or providing advice, guidance and support, Great Among The Nations, Inc. continues to honor the calling to be a valuable resource for those leaders who are themselves a valued resource to so many.

“Pastor Altschul is well acquainted with the prophetic time we live in and he teaches with clarity and revelation.” 

(J.R. Church, Pastor and Television Host of Prophecy In The News, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA)

“Pastor Benjamin is so kind and has virtue of a pure heart.  I could sit and be fed all day by Pastor Benjamin’s heart.” 

(Pastor Rodney Derrick of TD Jakes Ministry, Dallas, Texas, USA)

“Pastor Bent has an instinctive sense of prophetic Spirit.  I receive the Holy Spirit anointing, every time I meet Pastor Altschul.  Pastor Bent has preached for us in Paris on several occasions.  He has a sincere heart, a great sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, and his desire is to see the people of God healed, body and soul, through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

(Pastor Robert Baxter of Horizon Family of Churches and Missionary to France for 25 years, Paris, France)

“Pastor Altschul was used by God to heal and deliver people of their oppressions.  My faith in God was raised to a higher level.  Being there in the meeting to witness the words being spoken and see it come to pass; people were healed of cancer, high blood pressure, arthritis, back problems, heart trouble and other sickness and diseases.  I truly thank the Holy Spirit of God for healing my mother and anointing my wife.  I believe God sent Pastor Altschul to us because we have prayed to God for our deliverance.” 

(Minister Carter Head, Believer’s Voice Church of Christ, Peachtree, Georgia, USA)

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